Arnica (Goldenrod) Tea - Solidago microglossa
Arnica (Goldenrod) Tea - Solidago microglossa

Arnica (Goldenrod) Tea - Solidago microglossa

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Arnica tea to relief upper respiratory infection symptoms!

Arnica National (Goldenrod) Tea - Solidago microglossa - D.C.

Origin: Brazil

Used part: Leaf, Stem, Flower


It is native to Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. Its flowering takes place between July and October. The goldenrod is composed of flavonoids, saponins, quercetin, camphor oil and phenolic glycosides. The parts used to make the tea are the stem, leaves and flowers. These substances are considered diuretic and fight inflammation in the bladder, kidney stones, fungi and spasms.

Its use is also indicated for people with Candida, which is a fungus that may appear in the vagina or in the mouth. Some indications are that it also acts on fragile hair and has astringent and stimulating power. People who have many canker sores also make external use of the gold rod.

The goldenrod blossoms do not have a strong taste, nor do they act with harshness in the body. For this reason, your tea or extract is indicated even for use by children.

Health benefits:

Goldenrod is noted for the ability to heal respiratory tract conditions; amazing for ‘upper’ infectious conditions and for the coughs + colds of lower tract conditions. As an anti-allergy herb, we often include Goldenrod in an ‘anti-allergy’ formula, especially in autumn. It is an amazing healer for skin or epithelial issues: bites, stings, cuts and other skin conditions, as well as internally for inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract (e.g. ulcers, colitis, diverticulitis)

Goldenrod is renowned for healing urinary tract conditions. It facilitates detoxification throughout the urinary tract. It is excellent for prostate inflammation and for the ability to help with the elimination of uric acid. It is a helpful pain reliever, in these cases. Goldenrod contains chemicals that increase urine flow and have anti-swelling (anti-inflammatory) effects.

Goldenrod is an excellent lymphatic and depurative. It detoxes primarily through both urinary + lymphatic systems. As a detoxifying herb, as well as an anti-inflammatory, it can be very helpful in cases of gout, arthritis & joint pain. It is used for both chronic + acute inflammation of lymph nodes as well as edema. It is also a mild bitter and cholagogue so is extremely supportive for liver health. Goldenrod is a very good diaphoretic, supports good peripheral circulation as well as excellent vascular tonic (which supports heart health and cardiovascular system health).

Good Herbal Remedy:

  • Heal respiratory tract conditions
  • Healer for skin or epithelial issues
  • Prostate inflammation
  • Help with the elimination of uric acid
  • Increase urine flow
  • Gout, arthritis & joint pain
  • Anti-inflammatory and detoxifying
  • Supports heart health and cardiovascular system health


  1. Place 1 tbsp of dried Goldenrod in a cup
  2. Add freshly boiled water
  3. Steep, covered for 20 minutes
  4. Drink warm or at room temperature, whatever you prefer


Pregnant women, infants, elderly people with fragile health and children up to the age of six years must pass a doctor to receive the release for the consumption of Goldenrod tea.