Blackberry Leaf - Morus Nigra L.
Blackberry Leaf - Morus Nigra L.

Blackberry Leaf - Morus Nigra L.

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Enjoy the relaxing effects of Blackberry Leaf Tea and other benefits!

Blackberry Leaf - Morus Nigra

Origin: Brazil

Used part: Leaf


Blackberries are sweet darkly colored fruits that grow on bushy vines in small clusters known as drupelets. In Britain, the same plant is usually called bramble, because of its prickly thorns. The plant is also known as cloudberry (in northern Europe) and dewberry (in the American South). Blackberry brambles can become quite invasive if left to their own devices.

Many earth based and Wiccan religions claim that blackberry leaves can help return evil to enemies that sent it, and may also help remove evil spirits from your home. Superstition in the United Kingdom holds that blackberries should not be picked after Michaelmass (September 29th) as the devil has claimed them, having left a mark on the leaves by urinating on them. There is some value behind this legend as after this date wetter and cooler weather often allows the fruit to become infected by various molds such as Botryotinia which give the fruit an unpleasant look and possible toxicity.

Health benefits:

Among the main beneficial effects from the use of blackberry tea until then, there is the treatment and relief of insomnia, headaches, depression, kidney and liver disorders and constant libido changes. One of the most common jobs of this type of tea has been to promote women's health. It is able to alleviate pain caused by menstrual cramps, PMS, discomforts generated with the onset of menopause, hypertension and high glucose.

People who carry muscle aches and memory disorders should consume this infusion frequently. For slimming, blackberry leaf tea also represents an ally, as well as fighting cholesterol, diabetes and even regulating the gut. In aesthetic health, the benefits of this beverage are observed due to its antioxidant action, which prevents the aging of body cells and also to improve the appearance of hair and skin.

Good Herbal Remedy:

  • Irritation
  • Nervousness
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Changes in libido
  • Depression
  • Problems of the urinary tract
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Obesity
  • Gout
  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatism
  • Inflammation
  • Blood coagulant
  • Toothache
  • Antidote to snake bites
  • Fever
  • Asthma
  • Influenza


  1. Add 2 tablespoons of the herb in a liter of water
  2. Turn off when reaching the boil
  3. Cover and let it for about 10 minutes
  4. Strain and drink

How to drink:

Take 3 to 5 cups a day.


Pregnant women, infants and children should not consume the infusion. It is also not recommended that patients with liver problems make use of the natural drink.