Cascarilla Tea - Croton eluteria Bennett
Cascarilla Tea - Croton eluteria Bennett

Cascarilla Tea - Croton eluteria Bennett

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Cascarilla Tea High Blood Pressure remedy potential

Cascarilla Tea - Croton eluteria Bennett

Origin: Bahamas

Used part: Bark


It is a small tree rarely reaching 20 feet in height, with scanty, alternate, ovate-lanceolate leaves, averaging 2 inches long, closely-scaled below, giving a metallic silver-bronze appearance, with scattered, white scales above. The flowers are small, with white petals, and very fragrant, appearing in March and April. The scented bark is fissured, and pale yellowish brown. It is imported from Nassau, in New Providence.

The quills of dried bark average 2 inches in length, and 3/8 inch in thickness. They are often furrowed in both directions, so that they appear to be chequered. The outer, thin, corky layer is white, often covered with a fine lichen (Verrucaria albissima). The second layer is brownish, and sometimes shows through. The bark is hard and compact, breaking with a short, resinous fracture. The taste is nauseating, warm and bitter, and the odor agreeable and aromatic, especially when burned, resembling weak musk, so that it is used in fumigating pastilles, and sometimes mixed with tobacco, though in the latter case some regard it as being liable to cause giddiness and symptoms of intoxication.

Health benefits:

Tonic and stimulant. Used in dyspepsia, flatulency, chronic diarrhea, in debility attending chronic diseases, convalescence from acute diseases, and to arrest vomiting. When cinchona produces nausea, the addition of cascarilla will prevent it. Dose of the powder, from 20 to 40 grains; of the tincture, from 1 to 4 fluid drachms; of the infusion, from 1 to 4 fluid ounces. On account of its musky odor, it is a common ingredient of fumigating pastilles.

Good Herbal Remedy:

  • Intermittent and low fevers
  • Expectorant for chronic bronchitis
  • Anemia
  • Hemorrhoids
  • High blood pressure
  • Overall tonic during convalescence


  1. Wash the peels thoroughly
  2. Use one tablespoon for a quart of hot water
  3. Boil for 5 minutes
  4. After cooling, you can leave in the refrigerator

How to Drink:

Take 2 cups a day (before the main meals).


It is not recommended to use the sacred shell in cases where the person already suffers from abdominal pain, intestinal obstruction, vomiting, severe dehydration, diseases such as appendicitis and others of inflammation of the colon. Use of the plant should also be avoided in children under 10 years of age and pregnant or breastfeeding women.