Ginkgo Leaf - Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo Leaf - Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo Leaf - Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Leaf - Ginkgo Biloba

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Ginkgo Biloba memory supplement

Ginkgo - Ginkgo Biloba

Origin: China

Used part: Leaf


Ginkgo biloba, also popularly known as Japanese ginkgo, is a tree native to the Far East and is already famous for its health benefits. For the Chinese, this tree is a symbol of longevity and peace. The height of the tree can reach 40 meters, its leaves are similar to the clover and its fruit resembles a plum, containing a walnut that can be baked and ingested. Ginkgo biloba was the first plant to sprout after the destruction of the atomic bomb in the city of Hiroshima, Japan.

Health benefits:

Ginkgo biloba is a plant with anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antidepressant, antidiabetic and helps in the treatment of labyrinthitis. The extract of ginkgo bilola is a substance that stimulates the functioning of the brain, aiding in cases of memory loss. It also acts on the regulation of the mechanisms of blood circulation, has antioxidant action and favors the activation of energy metabolism. Reduces dizziness, relieves pain in legs and arms, ringing in ears. In addition, it acts as a facilitator of arterial, cerebral and peripheral blood flow, activating the neuronal metabolism and protecting the capillary veins.

Several studies have been carried out and it has been proven that the extract of ginkgo leaves actually causes the destruction of cancerous ovary cells, since in addition to the researches with women were tested in the laboratory cultures of cancerous ovary cells and ginkgo extract, with the growth of these cells being reduced by 80%.

This is a pioneering research, but in case of cancer and its connection with ginkgo, there are already several studies that prove its effectiveness, having been cataloged more than 50 studies about it. In 2002, research has shown in several tests that ginkgo inhibits the growth of aggressive breast tumors. Others on brain and liver cancer are consistent studies with similar results.

There are suspicions that its benefits go even further: studies conducted suggest its ability to prevent and attack tumors.

Good Herbal Remedy:

  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Labyrinthitis
  • Micro-varicose veins
  • Varicose ulcers
  • Leg fatigue
  • Arthritis of the lower limbs
  • Pallor
  • Hearing loss
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Cancer


  1. Infuse 2 tablespoons of the herb in a quart of boiling water
  2. Turn off when it rises to boil
  3. Set aside for 10 minutes covered
  4. Strain and drink

How to Drink:

Take 2 to 3 cups a day.


Ginkgo is contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation and during antiplatelet treatment.