Psyllium Husk - Plantago psyllium L.
Psyllium Husk - Plantago psyllium L.
Psyllium Husk - Plantago psyllium L.

Psyllium Husk - Plantago psyllium L.

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Constipation Relief and other uses of Psyllium

Psyllium - Plantago psyllium L.

Origin: India

Used part: Husk


Of Indian origin, psilium is used in alternative medicine to naturally treat various problems, especially those related to digestion. The name of the plant, which can also be written as "psyllium", derives from the Greek word "psylla" which means "flea." The herb was named because of its similarity to the insect. Widely used for people with chronic constipation, hemorrhoids, pregnancy, and postoperative problems, psilium is an excellent natural laxative. The plant is also widely used by people who wish to lose weight. For this purpose, psilium should be ingested before meals.

Health benefits:

It is anti-inflammatory, soothes the mucous membranes, and is highly indicated for treating various digestive disorders such as acidity of the stomach, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome etc. Serves against urinary diseases such as cystitis. It also has hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic action, since the mucilages take with them the fats and the harmful substances of the organism.

If used topically, it is used to treat cases of abscess, wounds, boils, eczema and burns, effects given thanks to its anti-inflammatory and demulcent actives. In studies, it has been shown to reduce total serum cholesterol, decreasing LDL (bad cholesterol), and increasing HDL (good cholesterol).

There is no contraindication to the use of psyllium during pregnancy or lactation. Even during pregnancy, many women end up suffering from constipation problems, caused by enlarged uterus, which compresses the colon, makes it difficult to evacuate. It is therefore essential to ingest lots of fluids, take a short walk every day and consume foods high in fiber. This is where this plant comes in, because its already known medicinal effects act precisely in this area.

Good Herbal Remedy:

  • Acidity of the stomach
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Urinary diseases
  • Cystitis
  • Abscess
  • Wounds
  • Eczema
  • Burns
  • Reduce total serum cholesterol


It is recommended to take 5 grams (1 teaspoon) of Psyllium with water or juice once a day.


The ideal is to consume psyllium if it has been indicated by a specialist. People suffering from inflammatory diseases in the gastrointestinal system, intestinal obstruction or ulcers should avoid the consumption of the herb. Psyllium is contraindicated for children under 6 years of age and patients with hypersensitivity to any of the components of the formula.