Purple Sweet Potato Powder - Ipomoea Batatas L.
Purple Sweet Potato Powder - Ipomoea Batatas L.

Purple Sweet Potato Powder - Ipomoea Batatas L.

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Purple Sweet Potato Powder great Supplement for a Healthy Diet

Purple Sweet Potato Powder - Ipomoea Batatas L.

Origin: Brazil

Used part: Root


Sweet potato flour, also called sweet potato powder, can be used as a source of low to medium glycemic carbohydrate, which means that its absorption by the intestine is made gradually, keeping the energy of the body for more time, without causing an increase in fat production, or peaks of glycemia.

Like sweet potatoes, flour enriches food by facilitating and stimulating the gain of muscle mass. Sweetmeal flour can be added into recipes like pancakes, vitamins, breads and cakes.

Health benefits:

Native to the Americas, sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, source of iron, vitamins A, C and E and potassium, possessing five times more calcium, twice as much fiber and more potassium than potato.

Good Herbal Remedy:

  • Due to its low glycemic index, it assists in fat burning and gaining muscle mass;
  • Helps control diabetes
  • Because of its amount of vitamin A, it strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces total cholesterol
  • It aids in the digestion and good functioning of the intestine due to its fiber content
  • Helps prevent cancer
  • Reduces cramp
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Provides energy for bodybuilding training
  • Helps in the formation of collagen
  • Prevents anemia
  • Does well for skin
  • The vitamin A present in the root acts as an antioxidant and acts in the maintenance of bones and epithelial tissue


Sweet potato flour can be added in pre- or post-workout vitamins, increasing the energy value of shakes. It can also be mixed with other flours in bread, pasta, cake and pancake recipes, and it is ideal to use sweet potato flour up to about 20% of the total meal weight of the recipe.

Other ways to use it include broiling steaks of beef or chicken, to increase meat balls, and to thicken broths and soups.


Although it provides many health benefits, including aiding in the process of weight loss, it is important to stress that the amount of sweet potatoes ingested must be dosed, because in excess and without practicing physical activities, it can gain weight.